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Reason 1 to keep exercising – STAYING SANE!

This news item was posted on 23/03/2020

I haven’t wanted to jump on the bandwagon but while I was out running over the weekend (further than I should have gone as I am now hobbling) I took time to clear my head. Reason 1 to keep exercising – staying SANE!

Classes have been postponed, gyms have been closed, pubs are closed (oh not relevant here!) and yes, everything we once took for granted has been whipped out from under our feet.

Exercise classes mean different things to each of us, we have our own reasons for attending, all equally as important (see this, it made me cry and if you aren’t on Facebook, here it is (courtesy of Tanya Walker and oh so very true)

It's just a fitness class

And that we will… be back, stronger than ever, TOGETHER.

In the meantime, though, we can still do something, ANYTHING, to keep us sane, fit and healthy. I am very conscious of the need for us all to continue to look after our health and not stop exercising so I am working on some options.

These are strange times, so those of us who do not run might find they actually could fancy a little run / jog / walk out. I will still be going out running, so if you feel like joining me, or at least making a commitment to meet me as I appreciate we need to keep our distance, then please drop me a line and we will meet up. I had already worked out a lovely 1.1 mile circuit in Aldborough around the green etc and in Eppleby, we can run / jog / walk around the green and the village, so happy to send details if you wish?

My insurance covers outdoor and virtual / online sessions and workouts so I am busy looking into this. Personally, I’d rather be outdoors and was intending to do that with some of the sessions in the summer. This would be similar to what we do in class, just outside, WINNER! This way, we all still get to see each other (from afar) and get a workout. As with any of my classes, bring the kids along. We all need to keep sane!

The other thing we can use is Zoom, which I am testing out at the moment. It allows at least 100 participants to take part in a virtual class!

For those of us who are unable to do outdoors or don’t want to, I will post some challenges online and via Facebook (please like my page ( We will ALL be able to do at least one full press up by the time we get back into full swing again

You could always do any of the things that we do in class at home yourself, should you feel that way inclined. Drop me a line and I can remind you (as if you can ever forget Bamboogie) of some of the sessions.

Finally, the main part of my business is 1-1 Personal Training sessions and I have always offered Training programmes. So in addition to this, I am going to concoct some home workouts for when we really do all start losing the plot and need something a little more structured that I can share!

Overall, stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane! I am always here on the end of an email, Facebook ( and phone 07956 4040475 if you need any level of motivation!

Please feel free to reply, comment, add any thoughts or views.

"You don’t know what you are capable of unless you try – Be Gr8!"