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Reason 1 to keep exercising – STAYING SANE!

This news item was posted on 23/03/2020

I haven’t wanted to jump on the bandwagon but while I was out running over the weekend (further than I should have gone as I am now hobbling) I took time to clear my head. Reason 1 to keep exercising – staying SANE! Classes have been postponed, gyms have been closed, pubs are closed (oh […]

No such thing as the January Blues!

This news item was posted on 04/01/2016

Happy 2016! It’s here at last, the New Year. Which can mean only one thing, it is time to start setting goals and challenges for the 12 months ahead. If you are anything like me, you will be excited by the endless possibilities and the ‘new-ness’ of it all. I have always started the New […]

Exercise Together!

This news item was posted on 13/10/2015

I found myself reading an article about falling testosterone levels over a cup of tea at 5am this morning, before spin class… and it got me thinking! Most of my clients are female, and many mention to me that they would like their significant other half to do more exercise. So why not exercise together […]

Beat the Autumn Blues

This news item was posted on 08/10/2015

If you are anything like me, thoughts of the ever darkening weeks ahead will be sending you into hibernation mode! There is no doubt that it has an effect on the body clock and motivation levels. But fear not, there are ways to combat those Autumn and Winter Blues. The key is to be prepared […]

Gr8 Training new website

This news item was posted on 01/09/2015

It’s been a busy last few months… some things have worked, others haven’t!  No time to dwell on any of the stuff that didn’t work as new ideas are a flowing. This new website is a way to share the new ideas and the progress made over the last couple of years. Let me know […]

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